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I reached financial freedom a few years back and I have written a book about it. I thought the book was pretty good, but it was terrible. It was all over the place. There were redundant sentences, bad grammar and rubbish dressed up to sound like something useful. All in all, it wasn't good enough to throw in the trash can.

What to do? Give up? Pay someone to do it for me? Give up (did I say that twice?). None of the above. I decided to do something about it. If I had known how much time and effort it would take over the last 4 years I am not sure I would ever have started. But start I did and now hopefully I have finished something I am proud of. Like a dad with his new baby girl (I just threw that in there because I had another baby recently). That's number 5!

Here is the Blurb:
Why do you want to retire when you are too old to make the most of life. Discover the Finance Liberation model, a simple six-step process that anyone can follow to gain financial freedom in a short amount of time.

This step by step guide to financial freedom teaches:

- The one key that has the potential to unlock to success in every area of your life
- How David (with Kim and their five children) were able to retire early on one wage in just a few years
- How to travel around the world and still gain wealth
- How to achieve your personal dreams as well as financial freedom

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