Lots of people tell us they are amazed at how we are able to travel and live in many countries with young kids in tow (we have five of the things now). Most don't know that we are retired or financially free. I think that those who know us believe we made loads of money through business, but to be honest, we didn't make a huge amount. At times, we would have earned below the average wage. Mrs Cossack and I have never had well paying jobs. We had around one year when both of us were working full time. After that it has been sporadic, where mostly one of us was earning a wage and even times where we were not earning at all.

No, we haven’t begged or relied on the generosity of others. We didn’t win the lottery or have amazing businesses that gave us endless money. How is it possible? I wasn’t entirely sure myself, but in studying what we had done, I believe anyone can achieve similar results. We made lots of mistakes and reckon that if you are focused, you could achieve financial freedom in a shorter time than we did. The reason financeliberation.com exists is to help those who want to be financially free. But also for those struggling financially.

I have seen lots of misinformation about how to become wealthy and keep it. Many people will write about becoming rich, but they might have had well paying jobs or already had success and are leveraging that. The information here is going to be revelational (is that a word?) to most people. A lot of it is very simple that you might kick yourself (or someone else) that you hadn't thought of it before. You just don't know what you don't know.

Here are the finance liberation guiding principles:
– Be Content
– Make Good Return on Investment
– Use Other People’s Money
– Earn Passive Income
– Pursue Passions

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